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Archive for February, 2008

Lunar Eclipse Photo

Posted by Jeff on February 20, 2008

Managed to get a quick couple shots of the lunar eclipse this evening. I am still amazed that we had an interesting astronomical event AND a clear sky in southeastern Michigan!
Lunar Eclipse 02_2008


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Borders new store not a revolution

Posted by Jeff on February 15, 2008

Borders opened their new Ann Arbor store to the public yesterday, and I dropped by for a peek at the place. For all the hype about it being a new generation of book store, not much has really changed from their other strip-mall stores that I’ve seen. Sure, they’ve added cool new digital kiosks and spiffy mobile-like hanging picutres of superheroes over their ginourmous comic and graphic novel section. But the layout and decor of the store is much less warm and comfortable than their standalone stores, like the ones in downtown Ann Arbor and Chicago.
So if *I* were designing a hip, trend-setting bookstore, I’d make it feel like the customer’s own personal library… plush and plentiful seating, chandelier and sconce lighting, wood trim, etc. And instead of having people stand at kiosks to buy and download music and books-on-mp3, sell them from interfaces at coffee tables, workstation desks, and reading chairs.

And book signings by teleconference? Lame.

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